The basics of web design

Welcome to this second blog article and let’s just jump right into the important stuff: your website. Your website is your brand’s or company’s digital home, the only place where you are in full control of functionality and content (as long as you don’t get hacked). 

While some businesses completely ditched websites and solely rely on their Facebook pages, we still recommend: Get yourself a digital home. You never know what happens to Facebook in the future or where your business takes you. A website gives you the chance to present all necessary information in a way that is appealing to your target group and tailored to your business. 

Another important factor regards branding (more on branding and what a brand really is next week!). On Facebook, you are always obliged to operate within Facebooks set parameters and while you can choose cover and profile pictures, Facebook is still branded by Facebook. A website offers you the opportunity to tell a story, influence the user’s perception of your business and go far beyond Facebook in terms of information depth. 

While the benefits of a website are quite clear, it also requires significant financial resources to set up a properly designed website that works for your brand and within your marketing strategy. Because of that, it is important to get it right the first time and keep an eye an all the technical as well as strategy and creative aspects.

Small businesses often lack the financial means to pay highly professional and experienced web designers and that is totally fine. As long as you do a lot of thinking yourself and prepare a clear briefing for a less experienced, cheaper web designer or company, you will still be able to get a website that performs well, reaches your audience in the right tone and provides them the information they are looking for. 

A few month ago, Cons and I gave a guest lecture at NHTV Breda to give students from the entrepreneurship track some important tips on how to build their website or write creative briefs. You can find the E-Book that resulted from that guest lecture by clicking on the button below!

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