Instagram Polls – The Final Nail in Snapchats Coffin

Instagram Polls? This week, Instagram integrated a new feature called Instagram Polls into their Instagram story functionality and its a big one. The principal is relatively easy: You add the new poll sticker to your story post, write your question and give 2 options...

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A burning question: What is a brand?

What is a brand? To fully understand branding, marketing and advertising strategies, it is crucial to understand what a brand is. People often associate a brand with a company’s logo, its name or a packaging and while that is partially true, it leaves out...

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The basics of web design

The basics of web design Welcome to this second blog article and let's just jump right into the important stuff: your website. Your website is your brand's or company's digital home, the only place where you are in full control of functionality and content...

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Welcome to the Kitchen – Introduction Blog

Welcome to the kitchen Hey, I am Tobi, lead strategist, and manager of the company who’s blog you are about to read. In this first of many blog articles, I would like to introduce us to you, talk about what we are set out to do and what you can expect from following...

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