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I am Tobi, lead strategist, and manager of the company who’s blog you are about to read. In this first of many blog articles, I would like to introduce us to you, talk about what we are set out to do and what you can expect from following our blog.

We believe that by writing about our profession, we are able to reflect on what we know, get new creative ideas and put things into perspective. There are also plenty of small food and beverage brands who have tremendous products, staff, and ideas, but simply cannot afford external marketing services. By writing this blog, we hope to help these companies to grow and bring their products to the world. It’s what matters most to us: giving the consumer access to the best food and beverage products in the world.

That’s what blckeye is about: giving exceptional products, brands, and restaurants an edge in the market. In our work and this blog, we will mostly write about branding, social media marketing, and creativity.

Food and drinks are so incredibly important for our bodies and soul that we can’t value them enough and something that important should always be one thing: tremendously good.

So, what will be on the menu every week? A nice mix of appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and cocktails, also, like you would expect from a food and beverage agency, tons of amazing product recommendations, food pictures and horrible food and beverage puns.

Some tactics, action lists or suggestions might have been originally taken from other industries, but we will always relate them to our and your core business. It will be a nice mix of classic, modern and guerrilla marketing and we hope to spark discussions with you. Feel free to let us know what you think, what you would like to read about and if we missed anything.

Pick up the fork and start eating, you can find our first post right here!

Instagram Polls – The Final Nail in Snapchats Coffin

Instagram Polls? This week, Instagram integrated a new feature called Instagram Polls into their Instagram story functionality and its a big one. The principal is relatively easy: You add the new poll sticker to your story post, write your question and give 2 options...

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A burning question: What is a brand?

What is a brand? To fully understand branding, marketing and advertising strategies, it is crucial to understand what a brand is. People often associate a brand with a company’s logo, its name or a packaging and while that is partially true, it leaves out many other...

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Improve your photography by learning some basic origami

Improve your food photography by learning some basic origami Yes, you read the title right, just some basic origami is all it takes to improve your food photography. If you know how to fold your paper into 3 equal horizontal, and 3 equal vertical parts, you surely...

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The basics of web design

The basics of web design Welcome to this second blog article and let's just jump right into the important stuff: your website. Your website is your brand's or company's digital home, the only place where you are in full control of functionality and content (as long as...

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